Ses Gaviotas 07660 Cala D’Or, Mallorca

Ses Gaviotas
A Twin House

For the family…

«Ses Gaviotas» (the seagulls) and «Palomar» (dovecote) are two independent and yet connected houses forming a large estate designed by the Swiss architect Hans Stäger and built in 1970 according to his plans.

The Mediterranean Ibiza style, the whitewashed walls and the cubic construction are typical for the Balearics.

…and friends.

While «Palomar» is reserved for the family, «Ses Gaviotas» is available for rent in summer and in autumn.

Ses Gaviotas

Carrer Esmeralda, 19
E-07660 Cala D’Or
Carrer Esmeralda, 19 – E-07660 Cala D’Or
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